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3 Ways to Accessorize Your Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are indubitably a style statement. Single-piece, head-to-toe garment gives a striking out that’s not possible with a pants-top combo or a simple dress. Even thinking about loose-fitting overalls, a corduroy-styled jumpsuit or a denim jumpsuit is enticing and a must-have for one’s wardrobe.

A black sequins patchwork jumpsuit
Image Filename: black-jumpsuit
Unsure what to look for before choosing loungewear? You’re at the right place!

This wardrobe staple can make you look trendy. Yet, so many women are intimidated by this stylish all-in-one garment. Well, it’s not the easiest outfit to pull off. A wrong fit or accessory can quickly make it a styling disaster.

We’re here to ensure your ensemble makes you a fashion icon with this guide.

Accessories That Go with Jumpsuits

It may look like a simpler task, but a lot of thought goes into coordinating a fit. Don’t just pick this or that accessory because it’ll give you a rushed, sloppy look. Pay close attention to belts, shoes, and jewelry to shine!

Tip: Find an accessory that washes out the monotonous color of your fit while highlighting the look.

The Almighty Belt

Many women make a fashion blunder by avoiding styling their jumpsuit with a belt. You may be unaware, but the belt is the crucial part of accessorizing a jumpsuit. Because your jumpsuit will often be plain and monotonous, a belt will give it a flattering look.

What’s more? Adding a belt will define your waist and turn your figure into an hourglass!

If you’re someone new to the world of jumpsuits, we’d suggest adding a contrasting belt color to the outfit. This adds a new dimension to your look, breaking away from a plain look. And if you’re feeling frisky, match your belt with the shoes for a more well-thought-out look.

Jewelry to Go with Jumpsuit

Though you’ll mind an overwhelmingly wide variety of jumpsuit designs, they’re more or less plain and monotonous in color. This can give you a boring look despite a very stylish design. Besides, your outfit is nothing without some bold splash of accessories.

You can add some versatility with bold accessories for jumpsuits with block colors. Jewelry may be secondary to your outfit but it can still ruin your look. Choosing the right jewelry can add a new dimension to your look.

If you want to turn some heads on your way, add pieces that stand like large pendant earrings or necklaces. You can never go wrong with gold on a formal jumpsuit design. For casual styles, you add a pop of colorful and funky jewelry.

High Heels

If you choose the wrong footwear, your jumpsuit will make you look shorter than you are. It’s because they have a knack for drawing attention to your feet. Jumpsuits can make average height women appear shorter than they are.

If you go for notoriously-styled low-waisted or wide-legged jumpsuits, do yourself a favor, don’t forget to style it with a pair of heels. You’re welcome! Heels will lengthen your legs, making you look tall.

Tip: Pick slim high heels rather than chunky heels for a super-sleek look.

Round neck, glittery sleeveless jumpsuit
Image Filename: grey-buttoned-loungewear

You can also layer your fit with a jacket. It’s an easy way to stand out. If you’re looking for women's fashion clothing and jackets, Bellewholesale is the haven for you. As an online fashion store, we offer women’s fashion pants, plus-size clothes, and fashion lingerie. Buy stylish jumpsuits, jackets, and fashion print dresses by visiting our page.