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9 Must-Have Clothing Items to Add to Your Wardrobe

After more than a year of working from home, postponed travel plans, and canceled gatherings, we're finally returning to our routines.

Every small part of this routine that you took for granted has become significant as you're more mindful of the relationships you invest in, how you spend your time, and, most importantly, the wardrobe staples you'll be bringing into the New Year.

If you want to start 2022 with a bang, it’s time to get your wardrobes sorted. Here are a few items that you should have in your wardrobe.

A Classic White T-Shirt
a woman wearing a white tee shirt with a jumpsuit
Image Filename: white-tee-shirt

It's challenging to find that one, elusive white T-shirt that isn't translucent, does not look oversized, and just matches your style. Men's shirts are a good choice to pair with jeans. They are less see-through, don't fit like a baby tee, and usually have an oversized look that doesn't look messy.

A simple white tee can work both ways; you can tuck it in to have a more feminine and sophisticated look or rock it as an oversized tee paired with a pair of mom jeans for that rugged look. 

The Multifunctional Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with black. Want to attend a funeral or slay at a date night? A black dress is all you need. It’s self-sufficient and doesn't need any supporting accessories to make you stand out.

A simple change of shoes and accessories can turn your formal look into a casual one. This helps save a lot of time, effort, and of course, money.

A Signature Piece
a woman in a trendy faux fur coat
Image Filename: faux-fur-coat

A pair of sparkly leggings, a brightly colored handbag, or a faux fur jacket—anything can be your hallmark piece. No matter what it is, it should reflect your personality and style.  

However, finding such a personal and iconic piece is not always easy. You won't be able to find it overnight. They naturally find their way to you. It might be family heritage jewelry or something you fall in love with as time passes. 

What matters most is that piece should make you feel like the happiest version of yourself—and that's all that matters..

Layered Necklaces
a woman wearing a layered necklace
Image Filename: layered-necklaces

Multiple delicate necklaces can instantly polish your look, making you look elegant and adding a touch of sophistication.

It's also one of the most followed fashion trends by various fashion influencers across several social media platforms, where they mix and match different zodiac necklaces, coins, and pendants.

Layering necklaces is a craft. The key to nailing the look is mastering the chain lengths.  To get a lovely tiered effect, you need to make sure all the necklaces are at least an inch apart. If you're looking for an easier and simpler solution, choose a necklace with numerous layers in one piece.

Ankle Boots

From party dresses to denim, you can rock any look with ankle boots. You can try experimenting with new styles like python print or Western and python print.  They're stylish, comfortable, and never out of fashion.

A Pair of Sneakers
a woman wearing white chunky sneakers, holding a basket
Image Filename: white-sneakers

The days of keeping your kicks for workouts or casual Fridays are long gone. If your office isn't conservative, you can now wear white sneakers with a sweater or pleated skirt. You can also pair it up with a tracksuit for Sunday brunch.

Street style fashionistas like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have made sneakers a style staple by showing how adaptable a pair of sneakers can be. You can look at how they style their sneakers for inspiration.

There's a wide variety of sneakers out there in the market that works wonders in elevating your look. From pants, skirts, jumpsuits to mini dresses, sneakers go with literally everything.

They are so widely available you won't have to spend big bucks or run to places to get on the sneaker bandwagon.

The All-Purpose Knitwear
a woman covering her face with a beige sweater
Image Filename: knitwear

This comfortable polo might soon become your new favorite. It's extremely soft and can be used as a long-sleeved tee, and it looks alluring when tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants.

You can also pair it up with long skirts or wear jumpsuits. It is multi-purpose and can work as you like.

A Go-To Pair of Denim

A pair of OG high-waisted jeans is enough to keep your denim game over the top this year. You can pair it up with sneakers, boots, or loafers.

With endless styles, durability, versatility, and comfortability, this hall-of-Famers denim is definitely worth the investment and a fashion trend you'll never grow tired of wearing.

A Timeless Scarf
a woman with a scarf tied around her neck and holding a file
Image Filename: scarf-around-neck

A scarf is one of the most popular fashion accessories in the world. It's one of those pieces that you'll keep for a long time. Apart from adding grace and glamour to your look, it also helps you in multiple ways.

You can use it to protect your face from the harmful UV radiation when outside and keep you away from the dust in your surroundings.  

It can also be a big saver in public places when that love bite on your neck is the hot topic of discussion for others.

If you’re looking to add all these staple pieces to your wardrobe, look no further than Bellewholesale. Their online haven for women’s fashion has the most iconic and trendiest pieces for you. From dresses, lingerie, footwear, shirts to jeans and tank tops, they have got it all covered for you under one roof.

Head over to their store for a wide variety of super chic yet comfortable women’s fashion.

Author’s Bio

The author is a beauty blogger who’s been writing for fashion brands for a decade now. She is a fashion student and has recently completed her Master's degree in Fashion Styling and Communication from Spain.