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All the Things to Look For in Your Loungewear

Loungewear is all the rage now, but it has been part of fashion since the last century. With its many manifestations, everyone picks on their style without compromising comfort.

From the early 20th century’s peignoirs to co-ord set of the 90s, we have seen this trend only elevate in the last decade. Loungewear says cooler-than-thou, but some simply make you look more chic and sexy!

A grey buttoned long sleeve pajama set
Image Filename: grey-buttoned-loungewear
Unsure what to look for before choosing loungewear? You’re at the right place!

Unsure what to look for before choosing loungewear? You’re at the right place!

Things to Consider in Buying a Loungewear

Some of us practically live in our loungewear, but it’s not a mere piece of clothing. You should be picky in buying your loungewear because, well, it’s what you wear most of the day working from home or even going out.

Cozy and Comfortable

If it isn’t cozy, it isn’t loungewear! You should go by this philosophy while purchasing loungewear. Your loungewear has to be cozy and comfortable. That’s the whole idea behind loungewear – comfortable clothing ever made!

We can’t stress enough about it, but comfort should always be your priority!

Reliable and Durable

What comes next to comfort? Durability, of course. We know you won’t wear loungewear to mountain climbing, but still, your choice should be something durable. Why? Because loungewear sets are to be worn for a long time. If your set starts to bobble or rip and tear after the first wash, it’s not the right quality for you.

Size and Fitting

Ah, the elephant in the room: sizing of loungewear. We often see people picking the wrong size. Your loungewear should fit, but we don’t, in any way, mean a tight fit that just wraps around you like a glove. That’s a no-no unless it’s the look you’re going for, then, by all means, go ahead!

Pro tip: Try the fit and see if it tightens around the knees or elbows. That’s a sign to strip off the set and get out of that trying room. (Or get another pair to try).

Versatility and Stylish

Your loungewear doesn’t have to be only loungewear. You can make a style statement out of it. Ones that you wear to run errands or the ones you can wear at an intimate event. Who doesn’t love multifunctional outfits?

I’ve Pockets in My Outfit!

Loungewear becomes super cute with pockets. A pouch pocket in a hoodie or pockets in jogger pants add convenience and style to your wear.

 A Christmas-themed family pajama set
Image Filename: Christmas-themed-PJ-set

If your loungewear doesn’t check these boxes, that’s not for your wardrobe. Bellewholesale is an online haven for women’s fashion. Head over to their store if you’re looking to buy super chic yet comfortable loungewear. You can also buy women’s fashion print dresses, plus size clothes, lingerie, and shirts online. Visit their store here.