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Dressing Sexy: A Complete Guide

Want to turn heads wherever you go? We’ve got you covered. It’s all about being minimal and highlighting the best in you. If you're looking to make an impression, here’s a complete guide on how to master it.

a sexy young woman with a wine glass in front
Image Filename: young-woman
Highlight Your Assets

Not everyone can rock a full derriere. However, a large booty is usually considered attractive by many. Accentuate your curves with high-waisted jeans, skin-fitted dresses, and embroidered gowns that direct all eyes to where you want them to go.

Do you adore your cleavage? Wear a V-neck top with a low cut! If you have killer legs, flaunt them in a miniskirt! Focus on one asset at a time to keep things respectable and cringe-free. For instance, avoid wearing a miniskirt with a deep-V top.

Play Around With Belts

Some women are gifted with more curves than San Francisco's Lombard Street. By emphasizing your waistline, a belt is the best friend you need.

Even if you don't have those curves, a belt can help you fake it. A defined waist gives an hourglass look and adds instant femininity giving you a sleek and slim look that's super attractive and sexy.

a woman wearing a belt to accentuate her curves
Image Filename: woman-wearing-a-belt
Rock Your Heels

A gorgeous pair of heels is a fashionista's first choice in footwear.  Whether it's a baseball game or a poolside date, heels will instantly elevate your look and make you look sexier. 

It's necessary to wear a five-inch stiletto every time, but even a three-inch block heal is much better than a pair of flats and will surely make heads turn.

Create A Balance

Mix and match your casual and hotter outfits. Mixing different fits, styles, cuts, and lengths is the key to striking a balance between casual and sexy.

You can flaunt your legs with a gorgeous miniskirt while wearing a more modest top or wear flowy tops for a comfortable feel paired with slim-fitting bottoms to add a bit of sex appeal.

You can also pair a long-sleeved top or turtleneck with a short bottom for a voluptuous touch. Incorporating textures like leather or lace into your ensemble can work wonders. It'll highlight your assets by revealing a little skin but still make you look modest and casual.

a woman in an orange spaghetti strap dress
Image Filename: woman-in-orange-dress

Bellewholesale is an online haven for women’s fashion. Head over to their store if you’re looking to buy super chic yet comfortable woman’s wear. You can also buy women’s fashion print dresses, plus size clothes, lingerie, and shirts online.

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