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How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Dress

Accessories are to your outfit what stars are to the moon. They accentuate your outfit and complete your look. But it’s so overwhelming to choose which jewelry to wear with an outfit because you have too many!

A set of rhinestone choker and rings
Image Filename: rhinestone-choker-rings

Ditching your favorite regular bracelet for an uber-chic bracelet feels like cheating. But wrong jewelry can ruin your whole look too. To avoid looking clumsy in your otherwise stylish dress, this post will guide you on how to pick the right jewelry.

What’s the Occasion?

Think of the event before picking your jewelry. Some accessories are too extravagant to be worn daily, whereas some you’ve worn far too many times.

The occasion will narrow down your top picks. Lavish jewels or classic style accessories are a go-to for formal and elegant occasions like date nights, weddings, or cocktail parties. For your everyday dresses, a less fancy jewel would do just fine.

What’s the Color Palate?

The color scheme will further limit your pick. You can pair your accessories with your dress based on the color scheme. Make interesting pairs using the color wheel and step out of the box.

Use 6 color techniques for your color scheme: complementary, triadic, analogous, tetradic, square, and split-complementary schemes.

For extra flair, consider saturation and hue to match your outfit. The same hue and saturation will compliment your look instead of a vivid toned accessory for mute-toned dresses.

Don’t Forget Your Skin Tone!

Though not part of your outfit, your skin tone plays a crucial role in your look. You already know colors that don’t compliment you. Say orange washes you out, or pink doesn’t bring out your good side.

Use this knowledge to pick jewelry, too, because the color of your accessory can either complement or ruin your look. If your skin tone is cooler, pair silver, white, or gold with your dress. Blue, red and purple tones will also compliment you.

For warmer tones, gold stands out. Neutral tones go well with silver, gemstone, and gold colors. Of course, you can wear other colors, but silver and gold complement different tones.

Avoid Gaudy Jewels

For a carefully crafted look, you’ve to keep one focal piece in your mind. Too many bold jewels can give a gaudy and rushed look to your dress. For each dress, choose no more than two pieces of jewelry. Think of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for a statement look.

A pair of golden hoops
Image Filename: A pair of golden hoops

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